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If you want one of the best airsoft upgrade sniper spring for your airsoft sniper, you are at the right place. Thousands of airsoft players all around the world use Rapax airsoft springs. We make our airsoft sniper springs to deliver top performance for your SRS, Tac41, SSG10, or any airsoft sniper replica that uses 13mm airsoft sniper springs. Enjoy in lighter bolt pull, more fps/Jouls. E-mail or contact Rapax Springs via Facebook or Instagram if you need advice.


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I have 3 springs from Rapax. A 2J in both my VSR and SRS and a spare 3J for upping the limits. All my rifles produce solid and consistent FPS with a J output that exceeds what the spring is marked as.
Excellent service and a fast delivery to the UK.
Will recommend to all my sniper buddies.
Steve Carter / Facebook

Yes I would recommend you. Recieved my 2j+ the other day and it took 5 to 7 days to arrive. Which I thought it would be like 10 days.

Neil David Matthews / Facebook
The best springs out there.

I’ve been using the Rapax Hulk 4J spring in my SSG-10 for the past two and a half years, and it still works like it’s brand new. It hasn’t softened at all with time and use. It still gives the same Joules output as it did on day one, with only a tiny power output variation of 0.05 J. It’s easy to pull and fits better on the spring guide and inside the piston, so there’s no twang noise when I shoot. It’s absolutely amazing!

Dan Herta / Facebook

100% yes. I refuse to use nothing else. The light pull Rapax springs have been a game changer IMO.

Bo Kindt / Facebook

1000% yes my go to. Literally forcing my buddies to pick rapax spring and they go oh wow. And im like what did I tell you kurwa you never listen.

Sina Asadi / Facebook

Their pull is considerably easier than others for the same energy output. Also I must mention the amazing almost ‘glossy’ shiny finish which not only protects them, but they make the springs glide on the spring guides very smoothly. All in all a good investment, fair price too!

Márk Arató / Facebook