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Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: The length of the spring is not important; what matters is the number of coils. If the spring is longer than it should be, it may prevent you from pulling the bolt all the way back. However, our springs have no issue with this. Thousands of players use Rapax Lightpull springs without any problems after installation. If you prefer shorter springs, you can try RMS Rapax springs. Rest assured, you will not encounter any difficulties when installing our springs.

Yes, you can track your order once you receive the tracking number on your PayPal account or request the tracking number from us if you paid with a credit card. Shipments do not get lost; they will arrive at your address promptly.

The USPS and Canada Post office do not allow tracking of shipments from Serbia that weigh less than 0.5kg. Customers can only see when their order leaves Serbia and when arrives to the US. Tracking of shipments works normally for all other countries.

If you are not sure what spring strength you need, please contact us via e-mail or facebook and we will help you to decide. We can also modify/cut the spring for you if there is need, free of charge.

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