Sniper spring and weighted pistons

Sniper spring and weighted pistons, airsoft sniper spring and weighted pistons in Silverback SRS, Tac41 or Novritsch ssg10
No matter what airsoft sniper spring you use (Silverback, Novritsch, Modify, Rapax), this is important for every airsoft sniper to know.
This post is for all new users and those who don’t know how airsoft weighted pistons actually work.
No matter what sniper spring brand or model you use, Silverback Airsoft, Novritsch, Modify, this are common rules.
Adding more and more weight will not increase power in many cases. Actually it will decrease it.
Weight of the piston is determined by barrel length, airsoft sniper spring and bb used.
Tac41 with 510 barrel compared to 420 or 310 barrel are totally different setups.
More weight on airsoft piston will lower fps with 0.2, but it will add J (actual power) when you use heavy weight bb’s.
Longer barrels need less weight compared to short ones.
It’s not true that max weight of the piston will give you max J/fps output
Gspec barrels will gain from max weight, longer ones will suffer J loss.
Airbrake is another subject. It’s length can’t be the same for all setups. Longer barrels need shorter airbrakes, shorter barrels need longer airbrakes. Even 1mm more (or less) of length (then needed) will reduce J. Again, it’s determined by airsoft sniper spring and bb weight you use.
So, piston weight work in conjunction with sniper spring used in a gun setup.
Piston weight is also important for airbrake length. Airbrake also work in conjunction with sniper spring and piston weight.
Light weight pistons and heavy ones can’t have same airbrake length even if rest of the setup is the same.
Shooting in a room with empty rifle is not a way to test silence of the piston. You need open space and heavy bb to test that
From all the written, you can see that you need to get a bit of knowledge before you start experimenting aiming for best result. It’s not so hard, but it’s not so simple as many think.
Most popular airsoft weighted pistons are stalker Scorpion and SM WASP.
When it comes to learning about sniper rifles and their setup, it’s important to remember that everyone starts with little to no knowledge. It’s okay to ask questions and seek help. There are no “stupid” questions when it comes to upgrading sniper spring gun. Be active in seeking information and educating yourself. You can become more self-sufficient in troubleshooting and setting up your sniper spring replica. With the abundance of resources available online, such as internet forums and instructional videos, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your rifle works and how to address various setup issues. As you continue to learn and gain experience, you’ll find that you won’t need to rely on tech support for many of your setup problems, as you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to handle them on your own.
I hope I helped in some way.