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rapax airsoft sniper spring is specially designed to be used in your SRS. Also can be used in your SSG24 or SSG10 or VSR10, and all airsoft sniper which use aps2 style spring. our airsoft sniper rapax springs are made for your best experience

PITBULL sniper test Rapax springs (Spanish)

rapax sniper spring

PITBULL sniper testing Rapax springs. This was the first review of our Rapax spring on YouTube channel, it´s in Spanish language, but we think anyone can understand this video because it´s presented in a good and simple way. More about Pitbull sniper you-tuber you can find on followed link: Pitbull sniper youtube Sniper Mechanic Rapax […]

How to cut airsoft spring

How to properly cut airsoft spring

How to properly cut airsoft spring. Easy to do. This is step by step how to adjust your airsoft spring strength in a minute. In this way you can use your old spring that was unusable because of high strength. Be sure to cut just one or two coils in a time before you test. […]

Testing airsoft suppressor

testing airsoft suppressor

Some fun time testing my first version of airsoft suppressor. Not a good sound because phone records just high level sounds, but anyway there is a big difference in live performance.